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Warm Up Your Home This Winter

A Guide on Selecting Items That Embrace Your Personality and Make Your Space Uniquely Yours

Homes are a book of who you are and showcase deeply personal pieces of your life. At Dream House we believe your home should be a collection of your personality, your history, your present, and your future, so we are here to help you select accessories and items that will help translate through design. Adding meaningful items bring interest and warmth to a space. Below we’ll show you pieces we help clients select that make them want to hunker down and cozy up, especially in the winter.

Dream House Studios_Interior Design_Maryland

Image Credit: Haus Love Interiors


Artwork is deeply individual. We take time to listen to every detail a client provides in meetings and conversations to develop an understanding of their personality to select art for their space. The great thing about artwork is that there is no right or wrong, it’s how the individual resonates with the piece, but it does help to take in a few considerations when selecting. Which style speaks to you? Do you prefer bold lines? Do you enjoy bright colors, or do you tend to lean toward black and white? Is the piece you’re looking at trendy, or do you see it as something that can be passed down in years to come? We like to look at color schemes in the current interior design to help with our selections and then read into the “theme” of a space. If the client prefers a more traditional home, we may look at still lifes and portraits. If they enjoy a more modern look, we may help select something more abstract with bold strokes. Needless to say, always go with your gut and select a piece that you feel tells your story. If you need help deciding which style of art you prefer, look at our Pinterest board titled “Artwork.” It’s highly curated to give you plenty of inspiration. You can view it now by clicking here.

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Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t be scared! There’s a lot of really amazing-looking faux greenery out there. Plants and florals breathe life into a home (some plants, like snake plants, literally breathe life into the home in the form of converting Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen- they clean the air!). Is the weather outside making you gloomy? Plants can help transform your home into a lively and thriving environment. They are known to take a space from being cold to feeling warm and inviting (did we just come full circle already??). By bringing natural elements into a space, greenery can liven things up. But how can a faux plant bring life to a space if it isn’t alive? They make faux florals and plants so realistic now that neither you nor your guests will know if it's real. Our favorite destination for purchasing faux greenery is Afloral.

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Another reason we enjoy adding greenery is that it can add visual height to a space. When adding decor, we want to ensure there are levels to the items we style. It’s a way for our mind to process each element. It’s like a visual journey. If you have a beautiful antique jewelry box that your grandmother gave you and you place it next to a vase of similar height, the jewelry box can get lost. It can appear almost dull and two-dimensional. Above you’ll see how adding height and dimension through greenery and florals can help create visual interest and allow you to take in each piece.

Dream House Studios_Interior Design_Maryland

Image Credit: Urban Outfitters


Have you ever heard how lighting can change the mood of your space? People often recommend dimmers for dining rooms to create a warm ambiance, but there's something special to be said about natural lighting and how it does an incredible job of bringing life into a home. That’s where mirrors come in. Mirrors can be used to naturally bounce light from outside around a room. Not only that but have you seen some of the mirrors on the market lately? *Chef’s kiss* Consider adding a mirror that emulates your tastes. Are you a little more on the eclectic side? A wavy would look amazing! Do you prefer traditional decor? Maybe try something more ornate like a gilded mirror.

Ornate Mirror: Chairish

Dream House Studios_Interior Design_Maryland


As mentioned above, lighting can change the mood of a space. This can be achieved with overhead lighting or task lighting, like table lamps and floor lamps. Follow the similar rules above: select something that speaks to you and your personality. If you lean more modern and minimalist, consider a fixture with clean lines. If you prefer something with more of an outdoors-in, natural vibe, try adding a fixture with rattan. For maximal coziness, select a lightbulb that lets off a warmer hue, such as a warm white, rather than daylight. For more lighting ideas, check out our blog: A Guide to Lighting.

Dream House Studios_Interior Design_Maryland

Image Credit: Chris Loves Julia


Last but not least, personal pictures. How else can you tell your story without adding some pictures from your life? A space can be beautiful and lack warmth and personality if it doesn’t have any photographs inside. Family photos and pictures from travel create a, say it with me, warmth, that is so very personal. So we suggest taking the time to go through your phone and computer and print out those special memories. Printing photos seem antiquated, but they will do all the work in making your house feel like a cozy haven.


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