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Dream House Studios_Interior Design_Maryland

Kim Mohr


Kim Mohr leads the Dream House Studios team with more than twenty years of experience designing memorable, deeply meaningful spaces. The guiding force behind each of her projects is her passion for creating spaces that evoke feeling. Kim believes there is tremendous power in listening to and absorbing the subtle clues that clients offer.  These fuel her dreams for their homes and how they will savor their life there. Kim's work in interiors and high quality cabinetry merges the distinct personalities of her clients with the essence of European utility and the lived-in luxury of American design.

Lisa Crossen

Office Manager

Dori Mundt

Creative Coordinator

We create homes that embrace your authentic life—homes that are designed for mindful living. 

Dream House Studios is a full service interior design firm, specializing in custom millwork and homes that inspire intentionality. Founded in trust and collaboration, our intimate and thoughtful client process results in spaces where gathering is effortless, everyday moments are savored, and elements of style and story live in harmony.

The hallmark of our work isn't in a specific style but found instead in our ability to design spaces that reflect and nurture our clients' real lives. Our team represents years of diverse expertise and a shared commitment to approaching design as an enduring and impactful investment in our clients' quality of life. 

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