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The Only Spring Tablescape Guide You'll Need

Need it in a pinch? No worries! We've got it all in time for Easter!

We're trying new things here! How about this fun gif???

Spring is the perfect time of year to celebrate new beginnings, fresh blooms, and warmer weather with a lovely gathering around the table. However, if you're short on time and haven't had the chance to plan ahead, creating a last-minute spring tablescape can still be a breeze. We were so inspired by the nice weather, we created this tablescape in a matter of days! Most of the items were purchased from Amazon Prime (we love a next-day shipping) and it came fast! We have all the links at the end so you can have your perfect tablescape in time for Easter! As for putting it all together, here are some tips on how to create your own beautiful tablescape in no time:

Make a Moodboard (or use ours!)

Here's a look at how we create our tablescapes, or any design really. We love to start out with a moodboard because it's such a great way to visually see if all the parts and pieces will work together before you make any purchases! Below is our spring tablescape moodboard:

For our spring tablescape, we used a lot of floral or garden-inspired elements, pastel colors, and natural materials like wood, linen, and woven textures. Kind of a no-brainer, right?? A simple, yet elegant design will make you look like an effortless Martha Stewart.

Utilize Items You Already Have

Don't stress about going out and buying new items for your tablescape. Look around your home and utilize items you already have. We did this a LOT with our tablescape. We pulled one of our favorite items from our FOUND collection, our gorgeous vintage vase, and threw some branches we got from Whole Foods right inside. The glass candlestick holders, taper candles, tea light candles and holders, napkin rings, and coup glasses were all pieces we pulled from Kim's personal collection! Kim's dog, Tucker, was a great addition to our setup as well ;)

Create A Centerpiece

A statement centerpiece can take your tablescape to the next level. Use flowers, foliage, or greenery to create a stunning focal point. If you're short on time, a simple vase filled with fresh flowers can do wonders. We purchased our branches from Whole Foods, but I urge you to look around in your yards/gardens. We have a pink magnolia tree that's just starting to bloom and we think items like that could make a beautiful statement as well. Or try your hand at your own floral arrangement! A few days prior to this photoshoot, we created this fun arrangement (pictured below) to celebrate our very own Lisa Crossen's birthday, with no prior experience with arrangements! Find an inspo picture straight from your Pinterest feed and give it a go! We found one that utilized fresh fruit and knew we had to try it!

Add Finishing Touches

Small details can make a big impact on your tablescape. Add some finishing touches like fresh linen napkins, candles, or fresh decorative elements, like the sprigs of thyme we stuck in the napkin rings. Using simple yet thoughtful elements can add charm and personality to your tablescape. We went with two different types of candles to create a nice variation in height. Alternatively, we suggest using different size bud vases to trail down the table with fresh florals.

Creating a last-minute spring tablescape can be a fun and stress-free process. Start with a theme, utilize items you already have, create a centerpiece, add finishing touches, and don't forget the lighting. With these tips, your spring tablescape is sure to impress your guests and make your gathering a memorable one. Below we're tagging all of our sources for you, and click here for the link to our Amazon shop so you can be sure to get all your items in lightning fast!


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