Happy New Year

We can't believe it is time to start another chapter with a new year.  It is amazing how quickly 2015 wrapped up and that the  holidays have come and gone. 

November and December were quite busy months; mostly offsite. We added a holiday decorating service for our clients and we enjoyed every minute of it.  So much of our daily job is behind the scenes so when we install a project it is so fulfilling. 

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

On top of that we had a successful turnout for the Annapolis DeColArt Show House in December.  The Show House raised money for the Wellness House and we were able to showcase our talents and meet so many amazing people in and around Annapolis.


The upcoming year brings great new projects, amazing clients and so many opportunities. We hope to share more on the blog this year of our behind the scenes, projects and design inspiration. 

Let's make this the sweetest year yet!