#FBF - Richmond Clubhouse

We have been working with Gumenick Properties in Richmond for approximately ten years now and have designed many projects with them.  Each project had different design requirements and involvement but there is one project that has stood out in our mind over the years; and that is the Community Center for Monument Square.  The community not only sits on Monument Avenue (one the most desired streets in The Fan District) but they have developed it to fit in with the traditional Richmond architecture but with modern luxury living.

This project allowed us to create the most beautiful interior architectural details as well as select furnishings that would allow the home buyers a true extension of their homes to entertain and enjoy libations.

The true collaboration with builder and designer makes all the difference for the end result and we are so fortunate to have a client that appreciates the attention to detail that we crave.  

We hope you have enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with us and we cannot wait to share more projects!