So Long Summer

I HATE to say good bye to summer.  HATE IT!!!

{image via Pinterest)

I actually had a mini breakdown this September when I couldn’t get back to the beach before the end of the season.

{image via Chesapeake Bay Bridge by davidwilliamsonline on Flickr}

It is my happy place and has been since I was little. I have lived on both east and west coasts one block from the beach.  Needless to say, I don’t look forward to fall.  I do however love fall.  When I lived in Southern California many years ago, the first fall was awesome because it didn’t get cold at all.  Growing up in Maryland my whole life it was fun to experience Thanksgiving in Southern Cali where you are watching football in shorts when it’s still 80 degrees.  I admit I was so happy to phone home to friends and family to brag about the running on the beach in December (Yep, I used to run back then).  But then you start to realize that it NEVER rains, no snow days, no cozy sweaters and the smell of burning fires.  Pumpkin flavored coffee just isn’t the same when the weather is bright, sunny and hot.  As much as I know I am a summer girl, born in July, I do look forward to fall.  I realize now that once you grow up celebrating all four seasons you really look forward to the changes.  Living in Maryland we are lucky to be able to really experience the variety that the seasons provide.

{image via Annapolis Harbor, Annapolis, MD  by KP Tripathi on Flickr  (cc)}

I love to ask people what their favorite season is and hands down, people usually say fall.  So let’s explore all that Fall has to offer and embrace the inevitable change that are coming.

There are the obvious “FALL’ism’s”; football, cooler temps, leaves falling, back to school, shorter days, bonfires and s’mores, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Who doesn’t love all of these?  I'm looking forward to sharing all of these things with my young girls who are still learning about what each season brings.  For me, I have made up my mind that I will do the following to get my “fall on”.

1. New pair of boots

2. New cozy fall bedding & pillows

3. Learn to cook a fall soup and stew

4. Find a Pinot Noir I love

5. Walk in Central Park

6. Take more naps

7.  Backyard bonfires

8. Weekend fall drives

9. Pumpkins!!

10. Plan a beach vacation for the winter

Happy Fall Y’all!!!!!