B O L D Summit

We just returned from the BOLD Summit in at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas and to say it was one of the best decisions we have ever made for our company is an understatement!!

Our business is just about to enter our tenth year and we have been through a tremendous amount of growth and change over the years; and the last year in particular.  With a lot of hard work, determination, intuition and faith, the company is growing stronger and aligned for great success.

A few months ago we came across the website for Molloy Management Group. They are the premier operations specialist for the interior design industry.   We contacted them and spoke to the President, Julia Molloy.  She has had tremendous success within the industry and several years ago started Molloy Management Group to help other professionals develop operational systems, develop their brand and attract new clients.

Julia heard our background and suggested that we attend the BOLD Summit.  It was an intensive two day seminar with top design giants as well as business professionals.  We heard architects, residential designers and commercial designers speak about their inspiration as well as the operation and growth of their business.  In addition there were panel discussions from shelter publications, business coaches, and bloggers.  Every single person who presented brought about a different outlook and inspired us to make the business even better moving forward.

Over the next few months we are working on streamlining our process, training and client experience with the knowledge that we have gained from the BOLD Summit and Julia Molloy.

Stay tuned as we will share our journey with you!